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Coffee Shop vs. Cowork Space

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Office Life is Evolving, Remote Workers Need More than a Cafe

One of the main issues people have with working from home, is that it can breed a lack of motivation, inspiration, and in turn, productivity. Humans need community and connectivity to be successful in these areas.

On the surface, cafes seem like the ideal temporary office space. They provide free wifi for customers, your favorite caffeinated drink to get you through the day, food, comfortable tables to work at, light music, and the white noise of people coming and going.

However, once you begin to scratch the surface, cafes can cause a lot of issues for remote workers. Namely, privacy. How can you have a professional meeting when there is an espresso bean grinder going off every 5 minutes?

Co-working spaces, like BeachDesk, bridge the temporary office gap between cafes and home.

The first and only co-working space in the Bay Islands, BeachDesk provides you with everything you need to stay connected, inspired, motivated, reliable, and productive.

Work in a worry-free zone, with high-speed internet, a generator, and an external battery for the router.

Work in a comfortable and clean setting, with both sitting and standing desks to choose from, private zoom cabins, a meeting room, and a terrace overlooking the ocean. Wear whatever you want, be free to walk around barefoot!

Work amongst like-minded individuals. A space where you can network daily, connect with people from all over the world, and take ocean view breaks that reenergize you.

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Satélite León
Satélite León
Dec 06, 2022

Great article!

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